If you are intent on seeing a unique combination of the East and the Soviet past; if you have only seen in the picture, as the grapes are sold in buckets, and as donkeys driven by coachmen carry rural carts with hay or harvest, then you certainly have to visit Uzbekistan!

Uzbekistan fruits

Uzbekistan is a vivid country with a vibrant and unique culture. In this amazing sunny location culture had been formed for several thousand years. In all that time it was «engorged» with all the customs and habits of the peoples who lived in this land. A few generations, many tribes, a number of eras formed the current outlook of the Uzbeks that, undoubtedly, effect on their culture. Everyone who is working to expand his or her horizons and wants to know the world in all its colors and shades should, at least, once look through the offered Uzbekistan tours here and go to Uzbekistan.

The most striking manifestation of colourful Uzbekistan are its bazaars. The oriental bazaar is noisy: inviting cries of vendors, hustle, exotic smells, pretentious abundance and multicolored paints. This is not just a bazaar, it is a marketplace where manners and character of the people find their clearest expression.

Uzbekistan bazaars

Uzbekistan has always been a crossroads of worlds, the boiler in which traditions of different peoples and cultures cooked.

And in order to feel the full flavor of this country you need to plunge into the atmosphere of oriental bazaar, to feel its taste and smell, to bargain with vendors to reduce the price of goods. After all, the matter is not even the price fall, as the course of trade — an exciting experience and way of communicating with people!

Trade has always been a stimulus, driving torque in understanding other cultures, establishing peaceful relations between nations, it facilitated the exchange of cultural values and customs.


For example, as any eastern city, Samarkand is simply obliged to have its famous bazaar! And in Samarkand it really is, a unique and astounding.

From time immemorial, this place was the central part of social life of the citizens, festivities were arranged here, and people were engaged in buying here — selling, exchanging currency, and the shops of folk artists and craftsmen, ganch carvers, chasers, jewelers and potters stood here.

Souvenirs from Uzbekistan

Looking at today’s Siab bazaar, it seems that nothing has changed. Of course, over time, historical buildings, but not the spirit was lost; the same moneychangers, the same farmers — sellers, the same rows of craftsmen. Like any self-respecting Oriental bazaar, the Siab bazaar is the embodiment of an abundance of goods, bargaining fervor, talent of street artists and warm atmosphere of teahouses located around the shopping malls.

But there is something that will not mix up Samarkand Siab bazaar with any other. These are lines with the famous Samarkand bread. Here seventeen species of it are sold.

Famous Samarkand bread

Having visited Uzbek bazaars, you get to know better the culture of Uzbekistan, get an unforgettable experience and impressions. And souvenirs purchased here will remind you of this beautiful sunny country!

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